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Dr Hogge and staff is the best dentist we have been to in Cache Valley. We have four kids, and they have all had wonderful experiences and enjoy going to our dentist. Location is very convenient with great parking. They are very timely and don’t have you wait long at all. They explain things really well and take preventative measures so you don’t have as many problems for the future. I have had many fillings done, and he is sure to make the process as comfortable as possible and the fit and bite done to your comfort. We love Marta (Assistant); she is so friendly and always helpful in answering questions.


Hands-down the best dentist and staff in Cache Valley. I’ve been to a few others, and I would highly recommend All About Teeth.


Great place to have your teeth taken care of. Friendly, competent staff.


We absolutely love Dr. Corey and his wonderful staff. They are so kind and thoughtful. We would highly recommend All About Teeth to anyone looking for a great dentist.


This dentist is amazing for the whole family! And they are so good to work with!


Both father and son were super helpful, and they consulted me before making any decisions. They were very nice, and I will definitely go back there.


Excellent staff that is very knowledgeable and very kind! I am 50, and most of my life dentists have not been able to get me numb so I just suck it up. I came here and he is the only dentist that has gotten me numb…..WOW! Why do people hate the dentists? If they can get you numb it is no big deal in fact easy! I have had a lot of dental work done through my life and never realized how easy they are for most people. I hope I can continue coming here the rest of my life. The apt. was very easy and it is always even better with friendly staff. I highly recommend this dental office!