Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer a broad range of dental services that will give you an amazing smile.  Make healthy teeth with dental treatments including bonding, dentures, bridges, crowns and teeth whitening.

Smile Like You Mean It!

When you’re looking for professional cosmetic dentistry in Logan, UT, contact All About Teeth. Not every dental issue is a structural one. Sometimes teeth can be strong and healthy, but they just don’t look like we’d like them to. That’s where cosmetic dentistry comes in.

Cosmetic dentistry will help you get the smile you always dreamed of having. Advances in products and technology now provide patients with a broad range of options for improving the appearance of their teeth. Call us today to learn more!

Feel More Confident

Your smile is one of the first things other people notice about you. Make sure yours is bright and healthy-looking. If you are feeling embarrassed about the condition of your teeth, we would love to help you. Feel more confident and appear years younger in as little as one visit!

The best news is that many cosmetic dentistry procedures are more affordable than you might think. Our services include both non-invasive and more complex options, such as:


Bonding is a procedure normally used to repair imperfections and minor chips on front teeth. It’s also commonly used to fill in the gaps between teeth. For larger cracks and crooked or misaligned teeth, porcelain veneers are usually used.

When bonding is applied, the material used is what dentists use for white or composite fillings. The bonding material can not only be matched to the color of your teeth but also shaped to correct whatever the problem is. This procedure can usually be completed in one appointment, and anesthesia is rarely needed.

Complete and Partial Dentures

Losing a tooth, or teeth can adversely affect your self-confidence, the way you chew food, and your general health. Dentures are the most common devices used to replace missing teeth. Depending on how many teeth are missing, a partial or complete denture would be in order.

A partial denture can keep existing teeth from moving after a tooth loss. There are many different options for dentures these days, and they can totally transform a smile. Acrylic resins are usually used in creating dentures.

There have been many advances made in cosmetic dentistry in recent years. Additionally, there are many different materials being used. Our dentist will discuss all appropriate options with you.


Dental bridges are another option for replacing missing teeth. When someone has one or more missing teeth it can affect their bite, cause surrounding teeth to shift, change their smile, cause symptoms of TMJ, and even speech impediments. If this goes on over a period of time, the wear and tear on your remaining teeth can cause health problems.

There are many different kinds of bridges available to remedy this problem. The dentist will most likely need to reshape your surrounding teeth in order to fit your bridge. Once that’s done, a crown is placed over the reshaped teeth, which will then be connected to an artificial tooth.

To replace front teeth, a resin-bonded bridge is normally used. This can only be done if the surrounding gums and teeth are strong and healthy without a lot of fillings. A resin-bonded bridge doesn’t require a lot of preparation for the adjacent teeth.

Your dentist at All About Teeth can create a dental bridge for you, which will improve your confidence as it transforms your smile


Crowns are meant to protect the part of the tooth that is seen above the gum line. They are placed there to strengthen the tooth or to enhance its appearance or size. Even more, they can also be used to secure a bridge or dental implant. There are quite a few different kinds of crowns available, each serving a specific purpose.

Our dentists can advise you on whether or not you will need a crown depending on the type of treatment you are receiving. Often a temporary crown is put in place until the permanent crown is made. Crowns are made of different substances such as porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, metal, or resin.

Smile Makeover

Designing Your Smile

The cosmetic dentist team at All About Teeth is highly trained in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry. You can be confident that we can give you the beautiful smile you have always wanted. Please call to schedule a consultation to discuss the design of your new smile.

At All About Teeth, we are highly artistic and can sense what is needed to provide you with a great looking smile. Many different factors need to be taken into consideration such as your age, facial features, and the image you want to project. You and your dentist can select the smile that will look best on you. A number of different options will be presented to you including

  • Veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Other possible procedures, as needed

Once you’re fully informed of exactly what to expect, we will use all the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry to create your gorgeous new smile. In the end, you will have a smile you can be proud of that will give you the confidence and self-esteem you deserve.

White Composite Fillings

Do you feel self-conscious about your black fillings? Do you cover your mouth when you laugh so no one notices them? There is no reason to continue living this way when you can have natural-looking white fillings instead. For the past few years, composites have been made with high-tech plastic material very closely matching natural teeth.

Advanced technology allows you to have your ugly black fillings replaced with composite fillings that match the color of your natural teeth. A single “Direct Composite” filling can be done in just one visit to your dentist at All About Teeth. Composite fillings are perfect for small restorations.

Teeth Whitening

Many people are interested in whitening or brightening their smiles. It seems like we field more questions about bleaching than just about any other topic. At All About Teeth, we offer three different options to meet the needs of our patients:

Custom Trays
With this option, impressions are taken and whitening trays are custom made in our on-site lab. Our staff verifies the fit of the trays and demonstrates how to load the tray with a whitening agent.

Custom whitening trays allow the user to whiten their teeth at their own pace. It also gives the user the ability to touch up the whiteness or brightness of their smile before special occasions. Custom whitening trays are a great option for those who are willing to put in the time to wear them.

In-Office Whitening or 1-Hour Whitening
One-hour whitening allows for fast, dramatic results. The system used at All About Teeth has been shown to brighten smiles up to 14 shades in as little as 60 minutes.

Our patients have been very pleased with the results they have achieved in such a short period of time. We give our patients the option of spending a little bit more time with the whitening agent if they want to achieve a little extra brightness to their smile.

Permanent Whitening
With the permanent whitening option, minimal-prep veneers are used. In other words, we use thin pieces of porcelain to cover the front side of the teeth. The process may take several appointments, but the results are fantastic. With this process, not only can we brighten smiles, but we can also make cosmetic changes if desired.


A veneer, by definition, is a thin sheet of material bonded to another material. In the case of dentistry, the thin material is either plastic or porcelain bonded to the surface of a cosmetically imperfect tooth. The tooth may be discolored, have fractures, show signs of wear, be the wrong size or shape, or be imperfect for a number of other reasons. The veneer covers the imperfection, making the tooth, or teeth, look more esthetically pleasing.

Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are fabricated out of the mouth and then bonded to the teeth. Porcelain veneers can be thin, allowing for a maximum amount of natural tooth preservation. However, if significant discoloration of the existing tooth exists, a thicker veneer might be required to hide the defect. Porcelain, by nature, has translucent properties which give it a toothlike appearance and depth.

Composite Veneers (Bonding)
Composite veneers can be fabricated directly by layering composite resin material directly on the tooth. The composite typically costs less than the porcelain option and often needs to be replaced more frequently.

Comparison of Porcelain and Composite Veneers


  • Multiple visits if a custom shade is required
  • Can last 10-15 years (if well cared for)
  • Color is more steadfast
  • Stronger
  • More esthetic (mimics enamel better)
  • More expensive


  • Single-visit
  • Less time to fabricate
  • Can last 4-8 years (if well cared for)
  • More prone to discoloration
  • More prone to chipping and fracture
  • Less esthetic
  • Less expensive

Care of Veneers and Bonding

  • Avoid biting into hard foods like carrots or uncut apples with the veneered teeth
  • Avoid opening bags or other containers with your teeth (This may sound obvious but people still do it.)
  • Do brush and floss – you still have teeth exposed to the oral cavity which can still get cavities
  • Don’t chew your fingernails
  • If an occlusal splint or night guard is recommended, wear it faithfully
  • Keep your regular re-care appointments so the veneers can be checked regularly by a professional