• Your Initial Visit

  • Your initial visit will include a thorough examination of your mouth. You will receive a periodontal screening, an oral cancer screening, decay detection as well as assessment of existing dental fillings, crowns, bridges, implants and removable prosthesis. We also check your bite, your joints, and evaluate with you your cosmetic concerns, such as tooth color, shape and alignment.

    Digital x-rays and illumination are also a part of your visit. Laser detection of small cavities, wisdom teeth evaluation, appraisal of growth and development in children, and a review of home care are all a part of your examination. Please fill out completely the health questionnaire that will be mailed to you prior to your visit. We work hard to keep you from waiting.

    You will find your initial visit, and subsequent visits as well, to be professional and thorough. Your prompt appearance for your scheduled appointment goes a long way in telling us "thanks!" and we thank you for choosing us!